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… don’t they look like fun?!

( Them )

Of course I’ve heard of (We Are) Nexus… We’re so close I just call them Nexus…

( Him )

I keep hearing this Nick Gunn guy’s name… What’s his deal? I hear he plays the flute too?

( Her )

Rainier. Carmen Rainier? Yeah, I know that name, but what’s her story?

( Their Nation )

Wow! They’re so awesome they have their own nation?! Sign me up! How do I become a citizen?

Latest Release: Better Off Without You

“Better Off Without You.” This is pure EDM. Creative as hell!” – John D’Angelo, Club Chaos, Strictly Dance Radio

“Despite the title, you will be better off with this one. The emotional song, whose lyrics and instrumentation touches your heart, shows just how high musicality can go in a dance record. “Better Off Without You” is one of the more creative tracks you are going to hear. When I heard these two were coming out with another single, I was ready for something fresh and they did not disappoint.” – Tyler Trew, YourEDM



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(We Are) Nexus Interview with Music Existence

  (We Are) Nexus Interview: Hailing from Chicago, IL, (We Are) Nexus is producer/composer Nick Gunn and vocalist/lyricist Carmen Rainier. Exploding onto the EDM scene in August 2013 with their debut EP “It Feels So Good,” a cover to Sonique’s 1998 smash hit of...

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