With over 25 combined years in the music business dealing in creative and business affairs, we are music pros who know the biz like the back of our hands!

Knowing how music plays an integral role in advertising is essential to your success, but it’s far more than just that. The music business can be a complex land to navigate. From choosing great songs and obtaining rights and permissions to procuring the proper contracts for license, understanding fair and equal compensation to creating custom jingles, scores and voiceovers – we can do it all! 



Tens of thousands of songs are released every year… do you know them all? Okay, we might not know them all either, but as active music industry professionals, we’re a veritable encyclopedia of music knowledge and have our finger on the pulse of what’s hot, new, and trending. Leave it to us to find the perfect track for your project!




So you’ve found the perfect song… now what?! Leave that to us.  If it’s our music you’re licensing, we’re a one-stop shop since we own all the rights! Not our music? Not to worry! We’ve got over 25 combined years of experience navigating this world – I know, we don’t look old enough! We’ll have your music licensed and ready for use in a jiffy.



You know that classically trained, multi-instrumentalist  Nick Gunn who’s sold over a million albums and charted on Billboard more times than he can count? Yeah, he’ll produce your custom score.  He’s done it for Cessna and numerous other companies, and he can do it for you too! What are you waiting for, let’s chat! Rates start at $2,000 per minute of score.




Full of ideas but don’t know how to professionally record and produce yet? We’re here to help extract that hit song from your head and make it a reality. Need a remix or just a top-line melody? We can do that to! Hit us up below and let’s talk. Fully produced tracks – taken from inception to completion – start at $5,000 per song.


Nick Gunn

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m the face of your personal music mastermind. I know music. I make music. I breath and sleep music. Whatever your Advertising, company or artistic needs – custom or licensed – I’ve got you covered.

Dana Kemmerle

I’m the face for all the fun stuff – a.k.a. your contractual needs! I handle the Rights & Permissions for Shotgunn as well as all Contracts and Licenses.  Need a professional female voice for a project? I got you covered there as well.


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