Nick Gunn, also known as Nicholas Gunn, is a multiplatinum selling music producer and recording artist. Born in the UK and classically trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music, Gunn has over 15 World Music albums to his credit and is considered one of the best selling instrumental music artists of recent times.

With a consecutive run of over 55 weeks on the Billboard charts, numerous top ten Billboard positions and millions of music sales worldwide Gunn is in the upper echelon of contemporary musicians and producers. 

Transitioning to label owner in the early 2000’s, representing over 75 artists and over 250 titles, Gunn proved his acumen for understanding the music business and music market trends. Today he finds himself as the producer and composer for Electronic Dance Music act (We Are) Nexus, who, in their first two years, have received several iTunes top 100 dance positions and Billboard chart positions. 

As a long term voting member of NARAS, The Grammy’s, Gunn is currently active within the Chicago Chapter.