Join multiplatinum music producer Nick Gunn in his Chicago West Loop production studio for intimate, hands on instruction on how to compose and produce hit music. Classically trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music, Nick’s warm and and nurturing approach towards students as well as his ability to explain techniques in a simple and accessible manner make him an exceptional teacher. See a few of Nick’s testimonials below!

In this 12 week course Nick will instruct you step-by-step on how to craft a track that can cut through the clutter and get you on top in the music business as a songwriter, recording artist and producer. Nick’s track record for creating music that has memorable and lasting impression on the audience speaks for itself, just ask Google: Nicholas Gunn


Nick Gunn, also known as world music artist Nicholas Gunn, is a Yamaha sponsored artist who has self produced and composed over 15 albums selling millions worldwide achieving 55 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Charts. 

His music has been licensed and used by numerous companies such as Discovery Channel, Wynn Resorts, Universal, Sea World, Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Bose Audio to name a few. He currently produces and composes for the Electronic Dance Music act (We Are) Nexus who have received two iTunes top 100 dance and Billboard charting singles in their first two years.

Nick is a current long time voting member of NARAS, The Grammy’s, and is currently active within the Chicago Chapter.

TakeLesson’s, a highly reputable teaching site, recently published this article by Nick titled: “15 Things You Must Do to Make it in Today’s Music Industry”


Wonderful and personal teacher. Really warm and lovely! I actually couldnt believe Mr Gunn is teaching lessons!! I have been a huge fan for years and I almost fell off my chair when I saw his name….such an asset to the teaching world!

Gillian Renolds

Songwriting, In-Studio Student

I cannot say better things about Nick Gunn. He has been a tremendous help in my Music Production and is a wealth of knowledge. You see a lot of individuals writing music nowadays, however, it’s not as common that you meet a true composer and musician.


Music Production, In-Studio Student

Nick Gunn is a very talented musician and gave me very good advice and guidance with my project


I’m a vocalist and lyricist and until I took some top line writing lessons with Nick I was struggling. He has a way of making things sound so simple and is beyond talented….brilliant!


Arrangement and Composition, In-Studio Student

I’ve cowritten numerous songs with Nick and am continuously impressed with his professionalism and ear for producing, vocals especially. His layering of tracks and how he interweaves different sounds, frequencies, and timbre’s throughout his compositions is simply amazing. A true artist.

Dana K

Arrangement and Composition, In-Studio Student

Nick is a great teacher and mentor. He is easy to work with and always takes the time to make sure you get the best out of every situation.


Music Production, On-Line Student

Nick is an amazing teacher! I’ve been lucky enough to spend a solid amount of time in the studio with him and I’ve learned so much about recording and music production from watching him work and asking him a TON of questions! He is very generous with his knowledge and he has so much experience with song writing, sound engineering and overall music production. Just listen to his work, no matter what it is, it always sounds so good!!


Music Production, In-Studio Student

Nick Gunn is a genius. The quality of knowledge he’s serving up to his students is top of the line, exceeding all expectations.


Audio Engineering, On-Line Student

“Choosing the right teacher takes research! I invite you to ask me questions in the contact section below so I can assist you with your decision making. Also, feel free to take a listen to some of my work at the bottom of this page. The music business is more than just understanding your craft, it’s about having someone there to open the doors and communicate effectively with you”

– Nick Gunn




Size: Two (2) to three (3) people total

Schedule: Two (2) group one-hour lessons per week. Group lessons are available between 10:00am and 8:00pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. Let us know what days and times work best for you, schedule permitting, and we will get you started!

Duration: Twelve (12) weeks

Cost: $1,000 for 12-week program



Schedule: Two (2) private one-hour lessons per week. Private lessons are available between 10:00am and 8:00pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. Let us know what days and times work best for you, schedule permitting, and we will get you started!

Duration: Twelve (12) weeks

Cost: $1,200 for 12-week program



Schedule: You choose!

Duration: One (1) hour private lessons. Hourly lessons are available between 10:00am and 8:00pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Saturday. Let us know what days and times work best for you, schedule permitting, and we will get you started!

Cost: $50 per hour

Upon completion of each 12 week course students will receive a certificate of completion. Students who complete the 12 week course will be given priority access to the Shotgunn Productions business network which includes submitting music for placement, licensing opportunities, label representation and more. Shotgunn Productions music titles and artists are found worldwide at all major on-line retailers. To see some of Shotgunn Productions clients please visit: 



MUSIC GARAGE  |  345 N. Loomis St.  |  Chicago, IL  |  60607

Instruction is held at Nick Gunn’s private production studio located at the Music Garage.

You will learn on the best and most advanced tools available within the digital recording industry. 

The 12 week step by step detailed hands on instruction includes:

– Conceptualizing and choosing the right song

– Lyric writing, top line melody and song construction

– Working with vocals and vocalists

– Laying the foundation for a successful song

– Recording all the elements, making the right choices

– Working with DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) and how to get the most out of your tools 

– Mixing, effect processing and learning objectivity 

– Mastering and finalizing your project 

– Exposure, getting your track heard. The do’s and don’ts of the music industry

– *Follow up. Keep producing and creating from what you have learned. We are now valuable team members for you and could include you in our business network.


*Shotgunn Productions, Inc. and its record label division are always looking for great new artists and music! Students will have an opportunity to submit their material for consideration.


Feel free to ask Nick questions about the course! You can also get started by letting us know your preference of Group, Private or Hourly lessons, the day and time you would like your lessons to be (schedule permitting) and we will send you a sign up form. We respond to all requests promptly!


– Floating Floors and Walls
– Custom Frequency Traps Throughout Providing the Best Acoustic Environment

– MAC PRO TOWER 8 core 2.4 Ghz
– MAC Matching Pair 27” HD Monitors
– MOTU 896HD 192 kHz Audio Interface
– Avalon M-5 Tube Mic Pre
– Powerplay PRO-XL Headphone Amps
– Furman Power Conditioners
– AKAI Professional MPK88 88 Key Weighted Keyboard Controller

– Mackie HR824
– QSC K12 With Matching KSUB
– PreSonus Monitor Station
– Scosche RH1056 Headphones

– Sterling Audio / Ocean Way Signature Edition
– CAD Equitek E300
– Shure Beta 58A Wireless System
– EV D767a

– Digital Performer 9
– Spectrasonics: Omnisphere / Stylus / Trillian
– Native Instruments: Massive / Kontakt 5
– WAVES Audio: SSL E & G Series Compression and EQ / Renaissance Effects and Compression
– McDSP: Analog Channel
– Lexicon PCM Reverbs and Effects
– IK Multimedia: T-Racks
– Celemony: Melodyne



Nick has over 250 registered and published works with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). Below are just a few examples of his work across multiple genres.